Our founder, Coach Greg, played D-1 college tennis at both the University of Houston and Brigham Young University. Both teams were ranked top 15 in the country. While In college Coach Greg came to Athens GA to play in the college national tournament and quickly realized that tennis was a big time sport in  Georgia. He never realized that one day he would end up living in GA.
During a career on Wall Street a friend approached him to help him run a dot com company with one crazy sounding revelation, the company would be based in GA. Eventually agreeing to come to GA the DOT com flourished raising $22million dollars and growing the company form 7 initial employees to over 86 the company enjoyed a great three year run until at long last the dot com went dot bomb.  Now in GA with a young family Coach Greg got back into Coaching. From 2003-2010 he ran a very successful private tennis coaching business. Coaching 100’s of teams, kids, junior players. Until that amazing day when the lightbulb ? struck and he launched his kids sports business with his first Tennis Time school! The rest is well….. history!
See our History Below:


  • Finding it almost impossible to schedule a private lesson with 5 year old collin because he was so popular and busy coaching so many other kids and people, the son of one of the moms on a team Coach Greg was coaching he was approached by this mom after a team lesson. She handed him a flyer and siad “ Coach I want you to do this!” Upon looking at the flyers coach Greg noticed it was a flyer to do an after school soccer club. Puzzled he replied “ You want me to teach soccer in Collins after school program?” “ NO Silly I want you to run your kids program at his school this way I am assured he can work with you every week”. Looking at the flyer more carefully Coach Greg realized that the soccer program had over 30 kids who had signed up and the coach was charging $50 per month. And was teaching the kids 30 minutes once a week.

    Intrigued, Coach Greg agreed to meet with the director of the school and with in 10 minutes he has landed his first ever Tennis Time school. 50 kids signed up for Tennis Time. With in a week Coach Greg approached the school his then 5 year old son was at and they said yes and 2 other schools agreed as well. With in one week 4 new schools were up and running with Tennis Time. The business was born!

  • Golf Time was created and introduced in 2014 to all the existing schools running tennis time after parents asking for over a year if they could do golf as well.

  • The success of Tennis Time & Golf Time In Atlanta GA lled to several schools in Florida, California using the program for their kids and In 2016, Tennis Time began training new entrepreneurs and coaches on how to run there very own kids sports business. Very quickly new business owners came into Atlanta for training form Ohio, Colorado, New Jersey. And over the past few years new coaches from Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia have all started their very own kids sports business

  • From its humble beginnings, of one class and 50 kids, 1000’s of kids have now taken our tennis time and golf time classes and this has grown beyond Coach Greg’s  biggest dreams. But this is just the beginning with a full new rebranding underway the Kids Sports Business has revamped their entire training program and is now expanding and preparing to train new coaches from all over the country. There has never been a better time to start your very own kids sports business.